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ForskarFredag: Biodiversity in numbers - digital quiz and short talks

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Thursday 26 November at 5.30-7 P.M. / Read more >


Welcome to an exciting evening with researchers from the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre. We will give you entertainment and education through a quiz and short talks on biodiversity. The evening will start with a short introduction on why and how museum collections are important for biodiversity. After that, we’ll get on with the short talks and the quiz. 

Our reseachers this evening

Sören Faurby is a senior lecturer in zoology. His research is mainly dealing with largescale biodiversity patterns and in particular how they have been changed by humans. This research particularly focuses on the older effects such as the extinctions near the end of the last ice age but also the indications of human effects several million years ago. In his talk, he will talk a little about what Sweden and the rest of Northern Europe could look like without any human influence, and  will among other things highlight that Sweden like the rest of the world naturally would be a living space of one of more species of elephants.

Dr Kate Evans is Founder and Director of Elephants for Africa She is an award winning behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist who conducted her PhD The behavioural ecology and movements of adolescent male African elephant in the Okavango Delta, Botswana through the University of Bristol. Her interest in male elephants has expanded to focus on the social and ecological requirements of male elephants in the context of a human landscape.

With over 18 years of experience as a field biologist throughout Southern Africa on a variety of species, she has a solid understanding of the challenges of large mammal conservation, the complexities of conflict and the importance of stakeholder relationships.

Kate is a member of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre and the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group.

This is a digital event

This event will take place via digitally via Zoom. Link to the digital event will be available here:

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