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Simon Faithfull: 13 Fathoms at Naturhistoriska Museet

En man under vatten

Fredag 10 augusti kl. 15.00-16.00

A meandering, discursive essay telling 13 tales of things below the surface of the sea – scientific curiosities, myths and legends of the deep and the strange politics of the ocean floor.

Simon Faithfull’s practice could be seen as an attempt to understand, measure and explore the planet around him – specifically an attempt to bring back a personal, subjective vision from journeys to the ends of the world. Since 2005 one tool that Faithfull has used as a way to communicate his findings has been through the use of a ‘performative lecture’ – a lecture employing video, sound and drawings to illustrate a meandering path through the folklore, science, politics and myth of various locations or contexts that he finds around the planet.

Simon Faithfull is a contemporary artist based in Berlin, whose work has been exhibited extensively around the world. His work has been described as an attempt to understand and explore the planet as a sculptural object – to test its limits and report back from its extremities. Recent projects include a journey across Africa tracing the Greenwich Meridian and the deliberate sinking of a ship to create an artificial reef. Faithfull was born in Oxfordshire, UK, studied at Central St Martins (London) and is a ‘Reader’ (Associate Professor) in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. Simon Faithfull will be artist in residence at Skogen in August, 2018.

WHERE: Gothenburg Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska museet), Slottskogen
Museivägen 10, 413 11 Göteborg



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