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International Biodiversity Day - Tales from the field

Picture of five of the reseachers speaking on wednesday

Wednesday May 22, 5.30 pm- 7 pm

Let's celebrate International Biodiversity Day with true tales of fieldwork and adventure from researchers at the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre! Read more about the centre here

Field research in biodiversity can be a long, hard process that often involves heavy rains, run-ins and lock-ups with self-appointed authorities, flat tires, animal bites and more. Come hear our toughest researchers tell about the best and worst of their unexpected fieldwork adventures in far-off lands. A night that would even make Indiana Jones blush!

Participating researchers

Christine Bacon is an Assistant Professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a botanist working on the systematics and evolution of palms.

Harith Farooq is a PhD student at Gothenburg University working with conservation and biogeography of amphibians and reptiles in Mozambique.

Kennet Lundin is an Associate Professor in Marine Biology. He is studying the biodiversity of marine invertebrates, such as nudibranchs. His travels take him to the seas in Indonesia and the Philippines, but also to Arizona's deserts and the Andes mountains.

Mafe Torres is a postdoc at the University of Gothenburg. She uses DNA to understand how new species arise.

Magnus Gelang is PhD in Vertebrate Zoology. He is studying birds and bats with focus on the biodiversity in the Old world, and is extra found of field work in the Southeast Asia.

Magnus Lidén is a researcher in systematic botany. Mapping the world's biodiversity within the plant kingdom. His excursions have been to India, China and Iran.

The presentations will be held in english. Free entrance!

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