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What does Jenga have to do with eco system collapse?

Thursday 22 October at 5.30-7.00 PM / Read more >

Plants, animals and other organisms are going extinct all over the world, and all of them are part of ecosystems. But what are ecosystems, and why is it important to preserve them?

Welcome to an evening with experts from the Gothenburg Global 
Biodiversity Centre and the Gothenburg Natural History Museum. 

Ola Brusehed
, educator at the museum, will start this evening with walking us through this important topic using the popular game of Jenga. After this introduction we’ll hear from 3 researchers about their work on ecosystem collapse.

Anne Björkman – Arctic ecosystems
Christine Bacon – Rainforest collapse
James Hagan – Extinctions and ecosystem changes in the ocean

We’ll end the evening with questions and discussions.

Language: English

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Part of the Sustainability Festival

The program is part of the Sustainability Festival - Hållbarhetsfestivalen Västra Götaland. This year's theme is biodiversity. The activity is arranged by Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre and Gothenburg Natural History Museum.

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