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Workshop with Status Queer

Grafisk bild på monter

Torsdag 11 april 17.30-19.45

Workshop with Status Queer 

Status Queer’s series We Were There is back with another workshop using play and making to insert us into the story of who we are and where we come from. This time we’ll be exploring the natural world, our very human interpretations and the realm of even more queer and bizarre creatures. 

SIGN UP REQUIRED sign up form available here  

Workshop places limited with confirmation sent Tuesday 09. April 

This workshop is open and welcoming to all. Priority for places given to Status Queer’s priority groups, see more on our sign up form. 


We queer and trans people come from a long line of boundary-crossers, norm-breakers and resistors. But our heritage is constantly being written and rewritten. What survives has been filtered by all of the oppressive -isms which continue to plague our society today.  

Where we come from, how we got here and who came before us are key questions in figuring out who we are, and who we are not, right now in the present day. That’s why heritage matters. 


Scientists throughout the ages have observed the world around us through the eyes of our sexist, racist, queerphobic society. Male giraffes clearly have sex with each other for power and domination purposes only. Wolves are led by an ultimate, commanding and (obviously) male alpha. Females are the gatekeepers of reproduction, males are the active pursuers. 

These ideas have all been proven to be false, flawed and incomplete. Yet with our patriarchal society, focus on studying male behaviour and over representation of male species in natural history museums around the world, so it's no wonder our societal bias is found in our reading of the natural world. 

In this workshop we’ll be imaging new and bizarre creatures based on our experiences and memories. Together we’ll claim our place in the museum whilst exploring ourselves, our memories and each other. 


  • Meet at the entrance of Göteborgs naturhistoriska museum
  • Language: English (stöd på svenska tillgängligt)
  • The workshop is free of charge. If you want to visit the museum another time, you can read about our entrance fees here: https://www.gnm.se/besok-oss/information-om-entreavgifter/
  • No talent necessary. We’re here to find ways to play together. No-one gets to tell us what's right or wrong, good or “bad”.

We Were There is a project by Status Queer – A Gothenburg-based initiative using art and culture to build a more inclusive society and a more diverse, sustainable and supportive LGBTQ+ community. For more on Status Queer and all our other projects, see our website! 


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