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Slideshow from the opening

Are you curious about what took place during the opening of our updated exhibitions 3 December 2022? Then look no further! The slideshow will show you a glimpse of all the fun.

  • choir singing
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    A childrens choir from the City of Gothenburg sang songs about the sea, animals and nature.

  • young speaker
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    Only children were heard during the opening. The speakers where all members of the museum childrens club: Rockklubben. 

  • cut the ribbon
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    Time to cut the ribbon (or in fact: alga).

  • crowd
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    The crowd was eager to see the exhibitions after the ribbon (alga) was cut.

  • line to fishpond
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    A lot of children were eager to try their luck at the fishpond, and there was a bit of a wait.

  • children waiting for fishpond
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    Catti Nilsson from the museum was in charge of the fishpond, and had a very busy day.

  • child handing out flyers
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    Eja and other members of Rockklubben took the chance to find new members for the childrens club. Many interested parents took their flyers. 

  • child holding shark teeth
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    Lotta Backman and other members of staff were busy sharing interesting facts about shark teeth and other objects with visitors – young and old.

  • child looking into a display case
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    Rockklubben has created their very own display case. Ellen is one of the proud members of the museums childrens club who worked on the project. 

Updated: 2023-01-11 16:48