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Lapphexorna - Natur & Tyg

An exhibition with quilt works by Lapphexorna. 15 September – 16 October 2022

Lapphexorna – the oldest Swedish quilting association was founded in 1987 by textile artist and writer Åsa Wettre. She had been visiting Danish quilters and was very inspired by their hospitality and the nice times they had when quilting and stitching together. She wanted to achive something similar in Gothenburg and well back home she started what soon would be the basis for an association where creative joy, playfulness and knowledge were integrated in a way that still works well. 

In the beginning a small group of women met in their homes. With time Åsa Wettre’s exhibitions of old Swedish quilts and Lapphexorna’s own exhibition made the interest in the old craft grow. With this, the interest in contemporary patchwork and quilting grew as well and we got many new members. At present we are over one hundred women who have the association as a platform for our creativity. 

Our theme for this exhibition has been NATURE and RECYCLING. Every member has been invited to freely interpret these words into the works we present here för our 35 year anniversary of sewing, togetherness and creativity. 

You can also join our workshops! More information about those down below.

About Lapphexorna 

Our name is a play of words. We create a great variety of patch works made of smaller of larger fabric pieces – “LAPPAR” in Swedish. The HEXAGON is a traditional shape that has been used when making quilts – and we are more or less bewitched, witch is “HÄXA” in Swedish – by different patterns, colours and what you can accomplish with them. 

Our creations are varied. We make everything from large quilts in traditional or modern style to smaller art quilts, where you are free to play around with all sorts of materials. 

With our creative work we want to be a part of preserving a traditional women’s culture and with our dedication we hope we will be able to take the art of patchwork into the future. 

Welcome to join our workshops!

Saturday 24 September, 12.00-15.00 – Handicraft workshop for kids: Appliqué and bugs
Drop in. Free of charge.

Thursday 29 September, 13.00-16.00 – Handicraft workshop: Stars
Drop in. Free of charge.

Saturday 8 October, 12.00-15.00 – Handicraft workshop for kids: Appliqué and bugs
Drop in. Free of charge.

Thursday 13 October, 16.00-19.00 – Handicraft workshop: Flowers
Drop in. Free of charge.



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