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Jensen elementary school: From Sheep to Bird

full wooled birds ulltovade fåglar

Thursday 26 January – Sunday 26 February

Study details, practice realistic drawing and then create a true to life full wool bird. This was the assignment given to grade nine pupils at Jensen elementary school in Gothenburg in the beginning of the autumn term 2022.

The pupils worked for an hour each week during the entire term to create the full wool birds. The first order of business was to choose a species and draw a sketch. The next step was to shape the birds body using foam plastic or styrofoam. Lastly it was time to attach the sheep’s wool by full wooling it.

The result is amazing! The exhibition contains hundreds of adorable birds and can be seen in the museum’s View Room (”Utsiktsrummet”).
Starts 26 January, ends 26 February.

A part of the centenary

Gothenburg Natural History Muesum opened welcomed visitors to the current building in Slottskogen 100 years ago. We celebrate this grand occasion in various wasy during 2023. Welcome to take part of exhibitions, a centenary programme, stories and much more!

Updated: 2023-01-12 13:16