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Museum shop

Picture of books from the museum shop

Are you looking for fun, useful and rather unique gifts? We have educational toys, beautiful postcards and posters, exciting books, soft toys, ingenious games and challenges for young researchers.

We can gift-wrap your present while you have a coffee or look around the museum.

Items at the Museum Shop

The museum shop is run by the museum and the proceeds go directly to the museum.

Products that make a difference to people and the environment

We want the products we sell to be produced with consideration to the environment and people,  so we are trying to find good suppliers that have sustainable manufacturing processes or give back something to the world. For example, our suppliers may be associated with projects where a new tree is planted for each product sold, or they may support environmental organisations such as WWF or children’s rights organisations such as Plan International.

Gift cards

Do you want to buy a gift for someone but find it difficult to choose? You can now buy a gift card in the museum shop.

Updated: 2021-07-07 11:54