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The Whale Hall

View over the new whale hall

The Whale hall has finally re-opened after being carefully renovated for a year. Welcome to see an exhibition about the evolution of whales.

The Whale Hall is dominated by a 16-meter long blue whale calf which beached on the rocks of Askim Bay in southern Gothenburg some 150 years ago. That was before one started hunting whales and when there were still many blue whales in the sea. Blue whales have been listed as protected species for a long time now, and the blue whale population is slowly growing.

On certain days, for example on the Election Day or the Walpurgis Night, when its jaw is hinged open, visitors can descend into the belly of the whale. On the floor next to it lies the whale’s skeleton together with the lower jaw from an adult blue whale for comparison. A bit further away you will see a cranium of a 23 meter long fin whale – the largest identified animal that has ever been found in Sweden.

You will also find here the skeleton of a sperm whale and a life-size installation of the animal, as well as skeletons and models of several other aquatic animals.

Updated: 2021-06-09 14:16