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Opening Hours

Here you can read about our regular as well as irregular opening hours.

Regular opening hours

Tuesday–Sunday 11 am–5 pm 
Thursday 11 am–8 pm
Monday closed

Irregular opening hours during public holidays and school holidays


Monday 31 Oct Autumn holiday 11 am–5 pm 
Friday 4 Nov All Saints’ Eve open 11 am–5 pm
Saturday 5 Nov All Saints' Day open 11 am–5 pm

Saturday 24 Dec Christmas Eve closed
Sunday 25 Dec Christmas Day closed
Monday 26 Dec Boxing Day Jul 11 am–5 pm (open)
Saturday 31 Dec New Year's Eve closed


Sunday 1 Jan New Year's Day closed
Monday 2 Jan 11 am–5 pm (open)
Thursday 5 Jan Eve of Epiphany open 11 am–5 pm (evening closed)
Friday 6 Jan : Epiphany open 11 am–5 pm


Updated: 2022-09-21 13:08