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Hyllor med böcker och skrifter

There is a reference library at the museum with nearly 80,000 books, most of which are about zoology. If you wish to use the literature for study purposes, you are welcome to contact us. When time allows, we will take out the books and allow you to study the material on site.

Books and older publications

The literature in our library consists mainly of zoology books on the themes malacology (molluscs), entomology (insects), ornithology (birds) and geology (rocks). The library also includes a wide range of subjects such as anthropology, palaeontology, nature and environmental protection and marine research. 

There are also old printed materials that include expedition and travel reports from the nineteenth and twentieth century, and publications by Wilhelm August Malm and Carl von Linné.

Reference library

We don’t have the resources to keep the library open to the public or to lend our books, so the museum’s library functions as a reference library. This means that it is not possible to borrow books, but we would like to offer those who are interested in using the books for research purposes to drop in and read them at an agreed time in the reading room.

A lot of our books are registered in the Swedish library search service LIBRIS. Search titles in LIBRIS

Book a visit to the library

The library is not open on a daily basis. If you wish to study the books in the museum’s library, contact us in good time and we can arrange a time for you. Contact us on weekdays between 8.00 and 17.00 to make an appointment. 

We need to know which books or materials you would like to study beforehand so that we have the opportunity to take them out. Unfortunately we have no staff who can arrange library visits at the moment, so requests may take some time to process.


Contact library

Åsa Holmberg, coordinator collection department
Phone: +4610-441 42 50 Mobile: +4673 758 89 25

Updated: 2019-08-27 11:05