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Search in the photographic collection

Hands hold an old glass negative

The museum's collection of photographs contains more than 25,000 images. The photographic material comes from expeditions, research trips and work at the museum over the years. There are glass plates, slides, scioptiocon images, positives, negatives, and many thrilling stories to discover.

The Digital Museum

The Digital Museum makes Swedish and Norwegian collections accessible to everyone who is interested, no matter when or where. The aim is to make the collections easier to use for studies, teaching and image searches. Click here to visit the Digital Museum.


You can search in museums collections, archives and libraries in the whole of Europe via Europeana. Discover photographs, paintings, books, TV clips, maps and objects that you maybe didn’t even know existed -  it is a fantastic knowledge bank. Click here to visit Europeana.

Contact the photo collection

Åsa Holmberg, coordinator collection department
Phone: +4610 441 42 50 Mobile: +4673 758 89 25

Updated: 2019-08-27 11:02