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Search in the zoological collections

Insects from our collection

NOTE: the search tool for the zoological collection is currently not functioning!

About 450,000 of the museum's 10 million items are digitized. All the material on vertebrate animals is now accessible and searchable in our database. Only a small part of the material on invertebrates has been registered so far.

The DINA project and GBIF

The museum is actively participating in the DINA project and in the future, all our databases will be searchable through DINA’s joint search page Read more about the DINA project (the link will open in a new window).

Some parts of our collections are now searchable via GBIF Sweden - the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. In the long term, all zoological material will be searchable from here. Read more and search via GBIF

Find insects through Naturarv

The museum’s collections of insects are searchable via Search in the insect collection (the link will open in a new window).

Materials not yet digitized

For information on materials in our collections that are not yet digitized, contact the person responsible for each collection.


Terrestrial evertebrates
Charlotte Jonsson
Phone: +4610 441 42 58

Marine evertebrates
Kennet Lundin
Phone: +4610 441 42 45

Vertebrates, osteological and egg collections
Magnus Gelang
Phone: +4676 141 85 71

Updated: 2023-01-12 14:13