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Lecture: VR for Ocean Literacy

Person som dyker i en pool

Thursday May 30 at 18-19, this lecture will be held in english. / Read more >

The ocean – the planet's largest ecosystem – is suffering from human activities causing environmental issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, or over-fishing. 

Given the crucial role the ocean plays in human and planetary health, urgent action is needed to avoid an ocean emergency. To act more sustainably, however, people need to be aware of these issues. In other words, people need to be ocean literate, namely understanding their impact on the ocean and the impact the ocean has on them.  

Technology-enhanced learning

One of the challenges to gaining ocean literacy, however, is the invisible nature of life (and destruction) below water. Therefore, an emerging area of research at the intersection of technology-enhanced learning, marine biology, and education has begun investigating how carefully constructed interventions that involve first-hand experiences with the ocean mediated by technology can promote ocean literacy.  

Géraldine Fauville (University of Gothenburg) is exploring how virtual reality technology can be used to create powerful, immersive encounters with the ocean, and how this can lead to enhanced ocean literacy. Join us to learn more about her past and current research projects which involve cutting-edge technologies such as underwater virtual reality equipment and artificial intelligence. 

Practical information 

Cost: Free, but there is an entrance fee to the museum. Free admission for children under the age of 20. Read more about entrance fees here >>  
Place: The lecture hall on floor 3.  
Accessibility: The lecture hall has an audio induction loop, and space for wheelchairs.

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